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Is the Sun Stressing You Out?

Woman meditating at sunset

Your time outdoors should relieve your stress, not add to it. After all, spending time in nature is phenomenal for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. But sun damage fears are real. It is estimated that 90% of skin cancers and the visible signs of aging are caused by the sun. 

Here’s what we know for sure: YOU should be out there, in the world, in all your beauty, with all of its beauty. That’s why Soleil Sunwear exists. To free you from worries about damaging UV rays while making you look and feel great. 

Here are 5 ways Soleil Sunwear relieves your sun stress:

1. UPF clothing replaces sunscreen with a physical sunblock

Lotion sunblocks are greasy, messy, require frequent reapplication, and often provide inadequate protection against harmful UV rays. UPF protective clothing is a great alternative because it is hassle-free, ultra comfortable, and protects better than any sunscreen.

2. Soleil Sunwear protects the most over-exposed parts of a woman’s body.

The skin on a woman’s hands, arms, and decollete are delicate and often over-exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Our hoodies plus a baseball cap provide added protection for the face and neck, giving you peace of mind when you’re spending time outside. 

3. Soleil Sunwear’s unique design features and fabric keep you cool. 

When we get hot, our heart rate and cortisol levels rise, creating a feeling of anxiety. The Soleil Sunwear Supercrop, Crop, and Sport Hoodies have thoughtfully designed mesh panels under the arms and all items are made with super lightweight fabric that feels cool to the touch, so you can wear them even in the hottest sun without overheating.

4. The lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric makes Soleil Sunwear great for sport, leisure + travel.

Whether you’re hiking in Santa Monica or window shopping in St. Tropez, Soleil’s versatile and relaxed styles mean you can adapt them for different activities and situations. Add them to your next vacation capsule collection and go carry-on only to any sunny spot on the map! 

5. They look and feel great.

Being protected doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort and style. Soleil Sunwear’s collection of UPF clothing is both flattering and comfortable, so you can look and feel great while protecting your skin.. 



It is possible to fully enjoy your life outdoors and soak in all of its benefits while shedding your worries and fears. Just say “yes” to no more sun-stress with Soleil Sunwear.


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash