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California-made, French-inspired.

Beach walks and mountain hikes are two of the best things about living in Southern California. But even when you follow all the rules (way more sunscreen than you think - and it has to be broad spectrum, and you have to reapply it every two hours!) it's almost impossible not to experience sun damage.

If you're like me, you want to stay comfortable and find that traditional sun-protective clothing can be heavy or confining. Soleil Sunwear is a super comfortable and lightweight solution that you can wear even the hottest days. In fact, customers have commented that it makes their skin feel cooler in the hot sun. The soft, lightweight fabric makes it possible to cover all of the parts that tend to get overexposed, mesh panels create ventilation, and a rare earth magnet under the chin lets you easily cover your neck.

And we need great sun solutions for the car too. Because whether you're driving on the freeway or down a scenic road, it’s hard to enjoy the road you’re traveling when you’re worried about sun damage. Soleil gloves – long and short – and versatile scarves are a great travel companion and can be easily adjusted for any outfit or activity.

Though a native Californian raised under the Arizona sun, I also spent a few years in France where the women just don’t seem to worry so much. They are naturally chic and glamorous, whatever their age. So I designed Soleil Sunwear to be flattering and feminine, because all women should get to feel strong and adventurous and beautiful at the same time.

I hope Soleil Sunwear gives you joy and freedom, and inspires you to be even more adventurous than you already are – whether that means a trip to the farmer’s market or a trip to Provence. 

Bisou (xo),

Christy Moody, Founder and Creator ...